Frequently Asked Questions

The quick answer: Go to lmu.build and click “Login” in the main menu. Sign in with your LMU credentials (the same ones you use for MyLMU), and follow the prompts to create your first domain!

For more detailed instructions, please see this post.

Faculty, staff, or student groups using the site strictly for academic work — which will be subject to legal discovery and accessibility laws — may request a special alias address for their site: [name].sites.lmu.edu. The site name must be identifiable to you; some examples of acceptable requests include: iggylion.sites.lmu.edu, ilion.sites.lmu.edu, and ilionresearch.sites.lmu.edu.

To request a sites.lmu.edu URL, please email servicedesk@lmu.edu.

Whether you made a typo during the setup process or just changed your mind about your URL, we can fix that for you! Send an email to servicedesk@lmu.edu that includes your current URL and what you would like it to be changed to, and we will update it as soon as we can.

If you would like an additional domain, please submit a request to servicedesk@lmu.edu that provides the following information:

  1. What would you like the URL of your new domain to be?
  2. Briefly explain why you are requesting an additional domain.

Before requesting an additional domain, consider creating a subdomain. A subdomain uses the same primary domain, but can act as a separate website. For example, support.lmu.build is a subdomain of the primary domain lmu.build. For more information on subdomains, see here.

Information Technology Services will do its best to support you in the use of this tool, but we may be unable to provide support for every application available within LMU Build. If you are not able to find answers to your questions here, we encourage you to explore the hundreds of courses and tutorials available through LinkedIn Learning, which can be accessed by all faculty, staff, and current students for free through LMU.

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